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Monday Mayhem Wholehearted

Hello fellow sojourners! It is truly a privilege and pleasure to be able to fellowship with you, to mark this place on our journey together. In the days of our forefathers, they would build altars at the places that God had revealed himself or delivered them from an enemy. I think this is a wonderful practice and I do hope…

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Faith-Full Friday, peace, recovery, Yvette

Faith-Full Friday Spiritual Resistance

Resist the Devil and he will flee. (James 4:7) Welcome Back! On Monday I talked about finding the word recovery in early writings of the Bible and how Jesus is anointed to recover spiritual sight to us who believe. I also shared how my Bible study process begins with questions. Finally, we spoke about my husband, Sean, who reminds me…

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Faith-Full Friday, peace, recovery, Stephanie

Faith-Full Friday No More Hunky Dory Band-Aids

Greetings, friends. I’m so glad to “see” you again. Are you still basking in Resurrection bliss? Ahhh…I wish I could say, “Me, too, friends,” but I can’t. And actually, I have a confession to make. In my “Monday Mayhem Southern-Style Celebration” post I wrote that “today doesn’t feel like a typical Monday Mayhem…” Friends, that could not be further from…

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Monday Mayhem, peace, recovery, Stephanie

Monday Mayhem Southern Style Celebration

Happy One Day after Easter, friends! I don’t know about you, but today doesn’t feel like a typical Monday Mayhem because I’m still celebrating the RESURRECTION TODAY! Like a whoopin’ and hollerin’ celebration-a Southern-style celebration with square-dancin’, horseshoe pitchin’, barbecuin’, and…my personal favorite, extra-EXTRA sweet, sweet iced tea sippin’. And I will be celebrating Christ’s RESURRECTION tomorrow. And I will…

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Faith-Full Friday, peace, Vanessa, worth

Faith-Full Friday Revolution of Love

Welcome back friends!  It’s Fri-YAY! Yay for chatting together again! Yay for the end of another work week! Yay because my husband will be home tomorrow and I can pee in peace!! And all the mothers out there reading this said… AMEN! In just two days we get to celebrate the most amazing VICTORY ever!!  Seriously, Easter is one of…

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Faith-Full Friday, Jesus, peace, Stephanie, worth

Faith-Full Friday The Battle Has Begun…

Hi, friends! I hope you’ve had a joy and peace-filled week! As we head into another weekend jam-packed with soccer games and basketball games and swimming lessons and birthday parties and play dates and volunteer work and church activities and grocery shopping and shoe shopping and movie dates and family dinners and homework projects and house cleaning and springing forward…

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