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Monday Nothing Says Mayhem Like A Life Riddled With Fear

Good morning my faithful friends.  Maggie here this week, to bring my spin on fear as we get ready to close up the topic.  Nothing says mayhem, like a life riddled with fear…trust me when I tell you, it is insidious and destructive.

In the 70’s there was a show on TV called Kung Fu.  In the premiere episode, a young boy who was sent to train with an old blind monk was intimately nicknamed Grasshopper… upon learning that the monk was blind, the young boy says “of all things, to live in darkness must be the worse”

The old blind monk replies…”Fear is the only darkness”

Fear keeps us from believing God.  I think more than anything that is the enemy’s objective.  If he can keep fear’s momentum moving forward in our life, in our world, then he wins.  God is not limited by my fear or yours, however if I only give into my fears, then His power, His ability to redeem that place that fear is holding in my life,it is lost.  Yet,these afflictions can paralyze us, no matter how small it seems.  We nurture and feed it as we find our thoughts of all our “what ifs”  increasing, we become controlled by it.  Them.  Before long, the very things we have dreamt of doing, all our adventures and great expectations are turned to ash in the wake of fear.  Life begins to pass us by and we give in to all the potential hazards this life might carry.

We do not usually praise God while we are being overwhelmed by anxiety and anguish .  But God will inhabit our praise and therefore cast out our fears.  The enemy is defeated and our faith strengthened.  Again, I believe Satan knows this, therefore, he feverishly works on our thoughts to keep us stuck, minds saturated in dread.

I can often be very analytical.  I like to ask myself, “Is this a realistic fear or an unrealistic fear?”  I evaluate it, where is it coming from.  Sometimes my fear thoughts, they come out of left field,  seemingly from nowhere. Vanessa spoke about these kinds of fears in her post last week.

Allow me to demonstrate from a recent situation, how fear can infiltrate my world and what I mean by this.

During Hurricane Florence, we had a very large grasshopper camping out on our bedroom window screen.  I was fascinated by her size and her fortitude.  I have NEVER had an issue before with these little creatures, so let’s just say I observed her and she had my attention.( For the record, I know it was a female because of the size she was.)  It’s not like it was a black widow or anything !

For days this critter stayed attached to the screen seemingly just seeking shelter from the wind and the rain. Who am I to deny shelter to such a harmless thing, right?   After three days of the grasshopper sticking to my screen and low and behold there was a pretty decent sized hole in the screen, the grasshopper was still there, but it had moved over a smidge.  It looked harmless, until I discovered it’s real agenda.  It was eating my screens.  Left unchecked, this insect potentially could have done even greater harm.  As a matter of fact, we have several holes in several screens around our home, because of the appetite of the insect.

Now, many other just the right size insects have the ability to cross the perimeter of the screen and enter into my bug free safe haven.  I was recognizing this morning as I settled into my living room seat, I am not sitting out in my favorite little nook in my home any more, the fear of the bugs has stolen it from me.  The grasshopper, well, I started to have dreams about this creature.  I dreamt that a giant one of these prehistoric looking insects would not leave the window, no matter what I tried or attempted to get it to go away. Just the other day, I was going to my car.  On the ground near the passenger side, a grasshopper was hanging out.  As I walked toward the car door and reached for the handle, the grasshopper catapulted itself towards me, causing me to scream.  A GRASSHOPPER.  Do you understand?  It has infiltrated my thoughts and caused me to change my reactions…

Ya’ll this is fear in my life… it starts out as this thought and before long I have given it enough power and control over me, that it will take ground and before long, I have stopped believing what I once believed.

Come back on Friday…I want to tell you how I have decided to pose a counter attack on the things, that want to rob me of the joy and blessings my Heavenly Father has laid before me..

One more interesting point as I leave you this week, maybe something to think about, grasshoppers like to travel together. Fears build on each other.  Anxiety and worry can soon become disproportioned, as hopelessness and depression begins to move in.  Before you know it these locusts will devour all that might have brought a harvest into your life.  Fear is basically the belief that there is something out there that can destroy you that you cannot do anything to gain control of.  Like the grasshopper, fear wants to chew away at the rich vegetation in your life and steal your confidence in a God who is able to do the impossible.

See you Friday


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