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Monday Mayhem Southern Style Celebration

Happy One Day after Easter, friends! I don’t know about you, but today doesn’t feel like a typical Monday Mayhem because I’m still celebrating the RESURRECTION TODAY! Like a whoopin’ and hollerin’ celebration-a Southern-style celebration with square-dancin’, horseshoe pitchin’, barbecuin’, and…my personal favorite, extra-EXTRA sweet, sweet iced tea sippin’.

And I will be celebrating Christ’s RESURRECTION tomorrow. And I will probably even be celebrating it the day after tomorrow. And maybe even the day after that, but…inevitably time’s passing will take me back to reality that not every day is a Southern-style celebration, and further and further from Easter Day I’ll wander, the celebrated day of His miraculous sacrifice dimming.

Oh how I wish I could feel it every single day of my life as I did yesterday and as I’m doing today! But life gets messy, and life gets real, and although I’ll have very clear and overwhelmingly grateful moments, days, weeks, even months sometimes of the magnitude of the Cross and all He has done, the celebration will get less and less spectacular. My am I so very grateful that I never become less than spectacular to Him….Amen, friends?

So this week begins our series on RECOVERY. How appropriate, yes? Because of the Cross, we can repent and are forgiven of our sins, we are given God’s grace and mercy and unconditional love and acceptance, we are capable of having real FREEDOM, and we become eternal beings.

BUT, just because this world is not our rightful home, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be pruned, molded, sanded and polished while we’re living this life often filled with excruciating pain and suffering. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t examine ourselves and our lives and with God always for us and with us, find healing and redemption from our hurts, habits, and hang-ups so that we can live the very best HOLY life we possibly can live in this life. In a nutshell, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need recovery (“the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost”).

And our recovery doesn’t have to be from drugs or alcohol or pornography or sex (although it certainly can be). Maybe you need recovery from past abuse. Maybe you need recovery from the loss of a loved one. Maybe you need recovery from a divorce. Maybe you need recovery from body image issues. Maybe you need recovery from codependency. Maybe you need recovery from anger. Maybe you need recovery from anxiety and depression. Maybe you need recovery from pride. Maybe you don’t even know what you need recovery from, but you know you need it just the same.

The plus is that God WANTS to heal you! He WANTS you to be well!

The minus (to the human mind at least) is that recovery is SCARY! We live in a world that devalues us or even labels us completely worthless and weak, a world that is entirely ready to throw us out with the rest of the garbage, if we admit to imperfections, if we admit to needing, if we admit to struggling, if we admit to failing, if we admit to fearing. And we live in a world that tells us to keep the past in the past, look to the future, time heals all wounds.

Can I tell you something, friends? These are all LIES! Every. Last. One. Is a lie.

Can we go back to the plus again?! GOD WANTS TO HEAL YOU!

I know it’s scary. Believe me. I know it is.

BUT…do you want to get well? (John 5:6, New International Version). (And a very loud shout-out to Jennene Eklund who asks her readers this very question in her book Overthrow, a God-anointed resource that has helped me tremendously in my recovery process).

Recovery IS scary, but…YOU ARE SO WORTH IT! YOUR FREEDOM is worth the fear, friends! And guess what? There will be many Southern-style celebrations in your process of recovery, of redemption, of renewal, of finding true FREEDOM!

Join me on Friday, friends, when I’ll explore in even more detail recovery fears.

As a final note for today, however, if you’re not currently in a recovery program, I strongly encourage you to look for a Celebrate Recovery near you because it is a Christ-centered recovery program where you can focus on whatever hurt(s), habit(s), or hangup(s) you may have. And it happens to be the recovery program that helps SET ME FREE!

Until Friday, friends….

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