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Monday Mayhem Shame: The Lies We Believe

Welcome back to Monday Mayhem! This is the space where we try to create a simple brief moment of sanity amidst the ever existing chaos of beginning a new week. The sanity we seek comes from a heart that is focused on our King Jesus! Today, on THIS Monday Mayhem, I am especially excited about sharing with you because we are wrapping up our discussion on shame.

Shame has been a contender in my life for as long as my mind can remember. Shame has lead me down paths I didn’t want to go on. It has held me hostage in moments of uncertainty in my life. Shame has whispered ugly lies inside my head at every turn of my life. In my darkest moments, shame became who I was rather than how I struggle.

I’m excited this morning, because I know that shame can overtake our lives. I also know that Jesus has the power to overtake our shame. I pray this morning that our conversations this week will equip you to recognize shame in your own life. I pray that you will be released from it’s bondage and find yourself renewed by the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ!

Can we start with a definition?

Shame: noun; a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

This definition reminds me of something important about shame; that is, shame is not a bad thing. If you or I sin, shame can help us to recognize our sin and bring us to a place of repentance. Shame can precipitate a feeling of urgency to make our wrongs right. Shame, in its proper place in our lives, can be a positive tool to assist us in our growth.

The trouble comes when we adopt shame as a way of living. Shame can sometimes get stuck to our identity in such a way that we begin to say to ourselves, “I am bad.” rather than “I did a bad thing.” It’s in these moments that our enemy sneaks in and whispers great lies that cut to the very core of our soul.

“You don’t deserve….” “You aren’t worth….” You are (stupid, dumb, ugly, [insert your own hateful comment]).”

This brings me to another important point in our discussion. It has always been Satan’s plan to take something meant for good, and use it for evil. It has always been his practice to twist the truth just slightly so that it’s difficult to recognize his lies.

Here’s a picture of a fort, but you can’t tell that. You can’t see the fort because the picture is zoomed in too close. Satan will take one piece of truth and zoom in on it, as if it were the only part of the picture of our lives. Without careful and intentional practice, we will live believing these snapshots are the entire truth, but there is more to our lives than what Satan would have us believe.


On Friday, I want to share with you how we can combat these lies that Satan has whispered into our hearts. I hope you’ll join me because I know it can be life changing. Between now and then, I want to invite you to observe your own thought life. Listen to how you are speaking to yourself. Ask yourself this, “Would I say this same thing to another person?” Often times, I can identify harmful thoughts in this way.

Before we part this morning, let me tell you something else important!

You DO deserve….. You ARE worth…. You are NOT (stupid, dumb, ugly, [insert your own hateful comment])!

How do I know this? It is possible that you and I have never met. How could I say such a thing to you? I know this because the Bible says so. It is God who gives you worth and value. What you or I do, what we have done, and what we will do has no bearing on who we are. ONLY GOD can say who we are.

I take great comfort in this scripture:

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

If we needed to prove our worth to God, He would not have chosen to die for us while we were deep in our sin. This doesn’t indicate that we are now perfect, just that we had not recognized our sin or accepted his gift of grace before he chose to sacrifice his life for ours. God saw value in our lives beyond our actions.

When we believe the lie that we are bad or unlovable, or unworthy in some way, we are really just saying that we need to do something to be loved. But we were loved before we ever did anything!

I pray this verse will bring you great comfort as well. Don’t forget to be mindful of your thoughts this week. Try to identify the lies you’re speaking to yourself, and please join me back here on Friday!

Share His Peace

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