Monday Mayhem Round and Round

Monday Mayhem Round and Round

Hi, friends. WELCOME BACK! It has been a while since I “saw” you for a Monday Mayhem. I’m glad to be back, and I’m glad you’re back. And I hope that you’ve managed to get back into some sort of post-holiday normalcy. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. I think taking down the Christmas decorations this past weekend was an important step in the right direction.

So one of my favorite parts of the day is when I read to Caleb before he goes to sleep. I climb into his bed while he chooses three or four (or ten or fifteen) books from his bookshelf for us to read together, and then I lift the covers and say, “Come on. Get snuggly.” He’ll get into bed and snuggle up close so he can see the pictures. I’ll ask, “Are you snuggly?” and he’ll respond, “Yes,” and I’ll tease, “I don’t feel like you are,” and he’ll annoyingly say, “I am!”

In the stack of books there is typically at least one Little Critter book, and the other night, as I was reading Just Grandpa and Me, one particular picture in the book struck me in a “there’s more here than meets the eye” kind of way:

Source: “Just Grandpa and Me” by Mercer Meyer from The Family Treasures anthology.

Grandpa and Little Critter are at the mall, and Little Critter has discovered the revolving door. He looks to be having a blast treating the revolving door more like a merry-go-round on a playground than a door used to enter and exit a building.  

“This seems very familiar,” I thought (the going around and around part, not the treating the revolving door like a merry-go-round part).

How often in my life have I felt like I was spinning and spinning and not really going anywhere?

How often in my life have I felt like I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of “It will be different this time?”

How many times in my life have I done the same wrong thing, over and over again, in a desperate attempt to control my life plan?

How many times in my life have I made the same bad choice or decision, over and over again, determined that I was finally going to get “it” right?

Just how many revolving doors have I been in?

The answer is a whole boat-load. In fact, I’m in at least one that I know of right now.  

BUT you know what’s awesome?

Check out the picture of Little Critter and Grandpa again. What do you notice? No, I’m not talking about the grasshopper along for the ride or Grandpa’s snazzy attire. And no, I’m not talking about Little Critter’s delight in his “game.”

I’m talking about the opening. Do you see that opening? Do you see that at any point in time, Little Critter (and dapper Grandpa) could step through the opening, out of the revolving doors, and onto steady ground?

Friends, do you know that we have that same option? Do you know that we don’t have to keep going around and around? That we don’t have to keep doing the same wrong thing or making the same bad choices and decisions? Do you know that God is on steady ground patiently waiting for us to just step out of those revolving doors? 

Friends, our next series is on insanity, or doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Before Friday, I want you to take an honest inventory of where you are and where you’ve been. Can you identify the revolving doors of your past? Are you dizzy from the revolving door you’re in right now?

Join me Friday. I’m stepping out, friends, and it may just get a little crazy.

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