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Monday Mayhem Freedom Recap

As I wrap up our discussion on FREEDOM, it occurs to me that my friends and I have been in chains for the past six weeks or so. Chains of FEAR. Chains of CONTROL. Chains of UNFORGIVENESS. Chains of WORRY. Chains of DEPRESSION. Chains of ANXIETY.

They’re chains that have been forged in the past, one. Single. Link. At a time.

Let me see if I can paint a picture for you.

Each week, following, I’ve watched the enemy single handedly attempt to destroy our blog posts. A lot has happened here at ShareHisPeace. It hasn’t been a very peaceful month.

There have been posts that needed major revisions. There have been missed deadlines. There have been questions posed, both by ourselves and others, regarding WHY we are even doing this is the first place. After all, ShareHisPeace is comprised of 5 busy, broken, desperate (for Jesus) women.

While Satan may have been crafty enough to temporarily chain us in this world, God has been more POWERFUL than any of the chains we’ve carried.

On this Monday morning that is sure to be filled with mayhem for you and I both, I want to look back, not on the chains that we’ve carried, but on the amazing power of God at work in us IN SPITE of us!

Here’s a few of the best points I’ve found in our freedom series:

Stephanie said:

YES! YES! YES! Thank you, Stephanie, for reminding me that I can CHOOSE to be free through the power of the cross.

Then Jamie wrote this:

No, Jamie, it isn’t weird! It’s so incredibly normal! It’s why we crave community. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing about your sister and the freedom she received. Thanks also for reminding me that God can use my struggle IF I’m willing to share it.

Is anybody beginning to get the picture of why Satan has been so busy attacking? Am I the only one moved by the words above?

Let’s look at what Yvette had to say!

How is it possible that I can feel convicted and encouraged all in the same moment? Yes, Yvette, Satan has tried to distract us all from God’s purpose. Freedom happens when we live according to His plan for our lives and walk in the purpose for which He has designed us. Thank you for reminding me that my purpose is to be salt and light to this world!

Now let’s wrap up with a word from Maggie.

I loved when Maggie said she has “lived where hopelessness abounded and joy was simply a notion that wasn’t intended for [her].” I loved it because I totally get it! I’ve lived there, too. But then she went on to give me a recipe for JOY:




If you’ve ever been set free, you know that the JOY of being set free is indescribable! Sometimes though JOY is a choice. Sometimes you need to just offer yourself to the God of this universe. How do you do that? With praise and thanksgiving! Thank you, Maggie, for reminding me of this!

It’s no wonder why Satan would want to keep us from writing these posts. He is cunning. Though at times, he may be able to chain us in this life, the truth is ShareHisPeace has an eternal purpose.

We aren’t here simply sharing our lives with you. Oh no! We our sharing our God with you! So today, I declare IN SPITE of the Mayhem, that #Godwon and #satanLost.

Will you be bold enough to declare the same truth with me? In spite of your chains, in spite of your chaos, can you declare the truth?

It just might set you free!

Want to know how I can be so sure?

Join me on Friday, and I’ll tell you about the day that #Godwon and #satanLost!

Share His Peace
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