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Monday Mayhem A Sacrificial Praise

Welcome to Monday Mayhem! This post comes at the end of my month of May Mayhem. You see, my family and I celebrate what we call Mayhem every year in honor of multiple birthdays during the month of May. The Hawkins Family Mayhem begins May 5th when my husband and I celebrate our anniversary. This year, Mayhem 2018, we are married for 27 years. Two days later it’s my husband’s birthday. Two days after that it’s my oldest daughter’s; three days later it’s my oldest son’s. Four more days later it’s mine, and finally on May 20th it’s my youngest. Now you understand why we call it Mayhem.

To top it off, this year was a monumental birthday for me. I turned 50! In conjunction with the existing mayhem, I had planned a big birthday celebration in California. It consisted of a busy three-day event. (Anybody remember Jamie’s weekend Mayhem?) I was blessed to have 12 friends who all flew into town and celebrated with me. Yet with all of the excitement surrounding my weekend, it was not without its share of stress and worry. I wanted to make sure everything went according to plan and without a hitch. Yea, right! I did my best, but it wasn’t good enough.

On Friday the housing arrangements made for one of my guest fell through, leaving us scrambling to make other accommodations. Saturday the caterer called and told us she would not be providing the food hours before the party. On Sunday, the tour bus which was supposed to take us on a Napa Valley tour didn’t get ordered in time. To top it off, after I was all dressed I couldn’t get my eyelashes on, leaving me crying in frustration. “Really?!”, I screamed. “I’m over it! I’m done! Why am I even doing this? I’m not worth it anyway”

But I pressed on despite how I was feeling. As each problem presented itself, it was handled. I went to the party with no lashes determined to stay in the moment, relax, and enjoy the party. And then this happened:

This was a true sacrifice of praise for me because I did not feel like I could to do anything else for anyone else, including God. Yet when it was all done, I felt so much better. Taking my mind off of everything just for a moment allowed me to acknowledge His presence and invite him into my situation-my mini melt down. I sacrificed my own emotions for the honor of Christ.

As you prepare for this week, I pray that you have enough courage to overcome your emotions by praising God.

Paul said in Romans 12:1 that we should present our bodies as a living sacrifice holy and accepting unto God, which is our reasonable service. In other words, it’s the least you can do.

Tune back in Friday to learn how each problem was solved during my party weekend in the month of May Mayhem.

I pray for a week of eye-opening experiences for you. See you soon.

Be blessed.


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