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God Only

The-Link-Between-Passion-and-PurposeGood morning to you all! I am so grateful to this community that I have been privileged to come to week after week. These posts have become more like some of my conversations with God as I seek to find what He would have me share. He has likewise used them to bring healing to my soul and grow me in His grace.This month is my blogoversary! It’s been a year since I have been a part of’s my recovery anniversary as well!)Last month I shared about my trip to New Jersey for my husband’s son’s wedding. It was a rough drive,as we were leaving beautiful North Carolina. I was astounded as Resurrection Power by Chris Tomlin came on and my husband Mark began praying, while he was singing, through out the song. I had heard him do this once before, but the setting(that time) was much different. This was, well, intimate and it is perhaps a moment in time I will NEVER forget.

I often wake up with a song in my heart. Can you guess where I am going with this?As I was heading out for the day yesterday, this song came on(which happened to be the song I woke up to, in my mind). I was driving and listening and just started talking to God. The song was from For King and Country, God Only Knows. Climb into the passenger seat and eavesdrop on this Holy Spirit infused moment.

Thank you Papa for the love only You can give.

Thank you for Jesus, His example, His friendship, peace that only He could provide.

Thank you for providing for all my needs[even the ones I am unaware of yet.]

Thank you for redeeming me [continuously.]

Thank you for that I am both fully known and fully loved by You.

Thank you for always understanding me and for taking on flesh to make sure You always would.

Thank you for grace I don’t even know I have been given and for the grace I feel being lavishly poured out in my life.

Thank you for second chances(& third and fourth and fiftieth chances!)

Thank you for mercy new every day.

Thank you for salvation.

Thank you for your sovereignty because you know more about me and my future than I do.

Thank you for changing me. For breathing life into dry bones.

Thank you for this new spirit inside me and a heart of flesh[not stone.]

Thank you for Your Word and how it’s the power that guides me moment by moment.

Thank you for Your consistency. You never change. You are always there for me.

Thank you for my weakness and the opportunity to let You shine through me.

Thank you for planting me here and helping me grow [watering me, pruning me and shining Your light down on me.

Thank you for giving me breathe to praise you and a fire inside of me.

Thank you for showing me that my victory is in you, from you and with you.

Thank you for giving me Your word and authority [from you]over my enemies.

Thank you for giving me Your Spirit to discern lies and truth and then giving me a support system to reinforce Your Truth.

Thank you for seeing me and all my imperfections and for having a plan for my life[that involves refining me.]

Thank you that no matter how I feel today, You say I am treasured and loved and worthy of the sacrifice you made for me.

Thank you for putting a song in my heart everyday.Thank you for revelations.

Thank you for your faithfulness to me even when I don’t deserve it.

Thank you for forgiveness and freedom from shame,grief,anger,loneliness, sorrow,anxiety,self pity,self righteousness, and self loathing.

Thank you that you never give up on me.

Thank you that you are continuously working in me and on my behalf.

Thank you for rain that prepares the fields for plentiful harvests.

Thank you for all your goodness pressed down and overflowing into every part of my life.

I Stand firm and remember that though the enemy may use tapes from the past against me,I am Born Again and God has lifted me out of the pit of mire and put my feet on firm ground [so that I would not fall back into the pit so easily.]

As your week has begun, in the mundane or in the chaos, stop today and just start thanking God for all you have. All you don’t have that you think you want. Thank Him for everything that comes to mind. See if He doesn’t change the atmosphere, as you find yourself caught up in those praise moments!I pray for you this week. I pray that you can experience some victory in an area that you have felt defeated in. I pray that you will tap into the Resurrection power of Jesus Christ and allow him to do a great work within you. I pray that you will find someone else to encourage today and share the Truth of His life, death and resurrection with someone who needs to hear about Him.

Share His Peace
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