Maggie, Monday Mayhem, Sacrifice

Monday Mayhem A Degree in Motherhood

Wow, Monday again, and it’s June already. Where does the time go? I am very excited to be with you today. I hope that the words that God has placed on my heart encourage and strengthen you on your journey. Remember that you are never alone and that there is a God in heaven who understands your struggle and wants…

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Monday Mayhem, Sacrifice, Vanessa

Monday Mayhem Some Gave All

Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial. Maybe because I grew up in the South. I don’t know why exactly, but Memorial Day has never been a holiday that touched my heart. Some years I share my birthday with Memorial Day; it just depends on how the dates fall. I was educated in a system that seems to me now was…

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peace, Sacrifice, worth, Yvette

Monday Mayhem A Sacrificial Praise

Welcome to Monday Mayhem! This post comes at the end of my month of May Mayhem. You see, my family and I celebrate what we call Mayhem every year in honor of multiple birthdays during the month of May. The Hawkins Family Mayhem begins May 5th when my husband and I celebrate our anniversary. This year, Mayhem 2018, we are…

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