Blog Evolutions

Life is forever changing, yes? BUT…although change can be a trigger word that produces anxiety and panic for many of us (anyone else struggle with control?), each season of life brings newness (both “good” and “bad”) that is needed for us to grow in our relationship with God, with others, and even with ourselves. What this means for Share His Peace is that it, too, has seasons that will undoubtedly bring change.

If you have read “Blog Beginnings,” you know that Share His Peace began with writers Jamie, Vanessa, Yvette, and me (Stephanie). Since our beginning (February 5, 2018); however, there have been several blog evolutions.

The first change came last April (2018) when we welcomed Maggie into our writing community and she shared her first post. Since then, Maggie has graciously and bravely shared pieces of her story and, as I’m sure you will agree, has offered invaluable wisdom and insight in each of our series.

The second change came last August (2018) when Yvette shared her final post with us. Jamie, Vanessa, Maggie, and I continue to be grateful for the wisdom she imparted to us and our readers.

Another change has come just this month (January, 2019). Jamie shared her final post, “Joy Within,” in our virtues series. Again, Vanessa, Maggie, and I are grateful for the vulnerability and honesty she has shared with us through her writing.

Seasons change, friends. And as God perpetually moves in our lives, I would be remiss to think that Share His Peace won’t continue to change and evolve through 2019.

Come what may, however, we–whoever “we” may be–are eternally grateful for YOU.